Why Choose Robert Cole Properties for Your Property Management Needs...

Why Choose Robert Cole Properties for Your Property Management Needs…

Who is Robert Cole Properties?

We love to make other people’s lives easier! When it comes to customer service and genuine care, Robert Cole Properties is second to none. We are a tight knit, hard working, family run business that thrives on the well being of our clients and their real estate investments.

Being in the business for over 30 years, we have come to know some of the difficulties that owners generally come across when renting out their rental properties on their own. Most common struggles for landlords tend to be: tenants paying late (or not at all), knowing which legal documents to use in order to be in compliance, tenant resolution, addressing service requests often, and the proper timing and handling of an eviction if one were to occur.

Having a property manager alleviates these issues and most of the stresses that may come from managing properties yourself. Hiring Robert Cole Properties allows you to free up your time so you can enjoy your life while we take on all of the tedious tasks that being a landlord entails. We have been through all the challenges and joys that come with being an agent, broker, and landlord, and we have used that knowledge and expertise to our advantage. We make sure that we are, and always will, evolve to be the best property management company that we can be. You won’t find another property management company that is willing to make YOUR real estate investment, and happiness, their top priority like we do. 

What Is A Property Manager?

A property manager is a licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker that is qualified and knowledgeable in looking after, and managing their client’s investment properties. It can range from managing Single Family Homes to large Apartment Complexes, and even Commercial Buildings.

Most people have a misconception of the details of a property manager’s duties. From what the general public assumes, property managers find tenants, collect rent, allocate the owner’s funds, and charge their fee. In reality, professional property managers do much more. For example, we offer our clients: Real Estate Services, Maintenance Requests, Property Inspections, Asset Protection, and Monthly Reporting just to name a few. At Robert Cole Properties, we make sure to exceed your expectations.

How Affordable is Property Management?

We believe in complete transparency, and offer exceptional service for various types of investment properties including: residential, multi-unit, and commercial buildings. For residential management, we charge a one-time leasing fee of $500, and a low monthly management fee of 6% of the gross collected rent. We offer various services and prices for management on Multi-Units, and Commercial buildings. Please inquire for custom pricing, but an average of 4% to 10% is the typical range on these types of properties respectively. Our services are all-inclusive and there are no extra hidden fees.

The point of hiring Robert Cole Properties is so that we can take on the demanding, and time consuming duties, so that you don’t have to take on a “second job” of being a landlord. We enjoy what we do, and have the ability to manage multiple properties with ease. You can rest assured that your investment property is in the best hands possible. We believe in our company, our work ethics, our business model and our tireless staff so much, that we’ll even offer you 3 MONTHS FREE!

What If I Only Need Help Leasing My Property and Want To Manage It Myself?

A handful of owners prefer to manage their own properties and just need us to help them rent it out to qualified tenants. Hats off to those who tackle that on their own! Although we make property management seem easy, it is actually quite difficult and tiresome for the average owner. The tools, expertise and knowledge, that Robert Cole Properties brings to the table, has added value for the protection of your investment(s). Consumer protection laws are constantly updating and should be taken seriously. Protect yourself from the ever changing regulations that come along with being a landlord by hiring Robert Cole Properties. In fact, we believe the difference in fees makes investing in our full service property management a great investment! However, if you choose to manage it yourself and just need a little help renting it out, we would be more than happy to do that for you! In this case, we charge a $795 Leasing Fee. We will market the home for you, and  choose a well-qualified tenant to put into your home. Most of our clients do end up investing in our management and realize that it’s not worth the headache of doing it themselves. If ever in the future, you decide you would like to take advantage of our management, just let us know and we’ll get you taken care of!

What Are All of The Included Services Robert Cole Properties’ Fee?

There are many services that Robert Cole Properties includes in our monthly fee. It’s best to break it down into simple bullet points. Not in any particular order, we offer:

  • Quality Tenant Screening
  • Low Management Fees
  • Low Leasing Fees
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Tenant Resolution
  • Tenant Portal
  • Owner Portal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Convenient Online Payments
  • Rent Collection
  • Asset Management
  • Monthly Statements
  • Annual Year End Reports
  • Tax Filing (1099’s, 1096’s)
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Evictions (rarely needed)
  • Detailed Move In/Move Out Inspections
  • Optimized Marketing
  • Online Applications
  • Rental Showings
  • Legal Services
  • Qualified, Knowledgeable Staff
  • Diversity
  • Experience
  • Networking
  • Flexibility to Individual Needs
  • In The Business Since 1986!

What Sets Robert Cole Properties Apart From Other Property Management Companies?

Like all other property management companies, we place a tenant in your home, collect rent, charge our fee, and send you the rest of the money. Seems to be a pretty simple thing to do, but the big difference, is that we do that with your needs in mind, our professionalism and our love for this business. We genuinely care about you as a client and know that there may be specific needs, and wants, of how you’d like us to manage your property. Our business model ensures that we manage your property YOUR WAY!

We offer many services for Property Management, and if you decide that you’d rather sell or want to start investing in additional properties, we have the expertise in the Real Estate Market as well.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your property investment needs. We are the BEST in customer service, and we will always offer you quality advice and guidance when it comes to your real estate investment(s). We always strive to go above and beyond in making all of our clients happy and we love to exceed expectations. Our transparency, integrity, and hard work will unfold and show you exactly what kind of company we are proud to stand for. It’s just our way of naturally doing things! Upon hiring Robert Cole Properties as your property manager, you’ll soon realize the difference and know that you made the right choice! Welcome to Our Family.

Robert Cole Properties can be reached by calling 951-302-1983

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