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Property Management Services for the Temecula Valley

From finding the perfect tenant to handling repairs, our all-inclusive property management services take the hassle out of owning rental property.

We manage your property like it's our own

With our firsthand experience as property investors, we passionately strive to provide each of our clients with an unparalleled level of care and commitment for their Temecula Valley property management needs.

Our Story

A Top Family-Owned Real Estate Brokerage Leading Temecula Valley Property Management Needs

The Robert Cole Properties Team

Robert Matilla’s story is a classic American Dream come true. His parents migrated from Cuba when he was three years old, and they were determined to make real estate their path to success. After rising through the ranks in the real estate industry, Robert fulfilled his dreams of operating a business with his daughters when they founded Robert Cole Properties back in 2015. It seems that for this family, property management truly runs through the bloodline!


A Family Property Management Business Since 2015

At Robert Cole Properties, we believe that family comes first! You’ll be delighted to know that when you work with us, it’s like working directly with a member of your own extended family – no corporate call centers here. Our team is made up by none other than Robert himself, his son and two daughters (plus their husbands!) who guarantee expertise throughout the entire rental process!

The future of Property Management in the Temecula Valley

Committed to providing exceptional property management solutions, we offer the most advanced software available and team up with trustworthy vendors for all of your maintenance needs. Plus, our strict tenant screening process guarantees that you’re getting reliable renters every time!

Trust, Transparency and Respect • Our Core Values

Our top priority is building strong relationships with our clients. We ensure that property investors and tenants both have full clarity in their roles, making sure everyone feels secure when it comes to leasing or investing. From the beginning of your partnership with us, we guarantee you will always know what’s going on — creating an atmosphere for a trusting environment where everybody can feel at home!


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

At Robert Cole Properties, we understand that your property isn't just an investment – it's a home. That's why our team works tirelessly to rent out the space with highly-qualified tenants and provide 24/7 maintenance for complete peace of mind. With us handling all the details, you can rest assured knowing that your valuable asset is in good hands!


A Creative and Innovative Approach

With our comprehensive marketing strategy, we help you get your property the exposure it deserves. We showcase listings on over 30 sites and arrange in-person showings for potential renters. To make sure everything runs smoothly, all contracts are handled digitally via Docusign's secure services – making renting a breeze!


Connecting With You is Our Starting Point

At Robert Cole Properties, we take the time to get to know every individual client. Through thoughtful one-on-one conversations, our team strives to understand your unique needs and provide comprehensive property management services tailored specifically for you.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

Let Robert Cole Properties help you on your real estate journey! Our incredible team values customer satisfaction and is ready to take your call for a complimentary, no-strings attached consultation. Contact us today for your Temecula Valley property management needs at (951) 302-1983 and experience the first class service that truly sets us apart from the rest.

you are in good hands


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This Is What Our Clients Are Saying

quadre nichols
quadre nichols
This was my first time renting out my property. This place handles everything worry-free. They've been managing my property for almost three years now, and I haven't had any issues. Robert's team is always willing to go above and beyond to serve your best interest when your property is in his hands. Highly recommend hands down.
Ciprian Boscaiu
Ciprian Boscaiu
Robert Cole Properties is a very reliable company. This company is managing our property for the past two years in a very efficient and professional manner. I would highly recommend this company.
Fu-Yue Zeng
Fu-Yue Zeng
Great company with very professional and nice staff!
Troy Fuller
Troy Fuller
Great experience will all staff, very transparent. Jessica and Mike have been amazing, consistently keeping me dated with my property. How it’s being managed and taking care of the tenants. Thank you
Mathurin Daniel
Mathurin Daniel
Robert Cole Properties really care about their customers. I have been thoroughly satisfied with their services.
jim hester
jim hester
Robert came on the scene after another agent let me down. He and his team are total professionals. Good communications. Makes my life hassle free. Summed up in one word, "Integrity"
adrian padilla
adrian padilla
The team at Robert Cole Properties has been great to work with they have been managing multiple properties for the last few years for me. I would highly recommend using their services.
Richard Barak
Richard Barak
He cares for the landlord as well as the tenant. Suggestion-I have 3 home warranties and bear a little weight. It would be great if he could get more of his clients to use the same warranty company, increasing the clout for services and letting them know that he could swing more of his clients to another company

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